About Goodrich

Goodrich Global stands as the foremost provider of wallcoverings, fabrics, carpets, and flooring materials across Asia. Our history showcases our resolute commitment to leading the way in our field. Our accomplishments stem from our dedicated team of experts and their unwavering dedication to attaining greatness across all facets of our operations. Our approach to conducting business is marked by a meticulous precision that is infused with ingenuity.

Guided by our enduring vision, we continuously strive to attain new pinnacles by:


To be the leading global brand in interior furnishings by enriching the habitat where people live, work and play


We are an innovation-driven and people-centric company in interior furnishings committed to serving our customers with excellent products and services

Core Values

Teamwork. Integrity. Delight Customers. Staff Commitment. Continuous Improvement


Established in 1983, Goodrich Wallcoverings Pte Ltd was founded by Mr Chan Chong Beng and Mr Thomas Gay. It was a small 7-man operation which supplied wallcoverings to architects, interior designers and property developers. This business model provided the foundation on which the business steadily grew in strength and scale. In 2005, Mr Chan embarked on a branding campaign which coupled with his strong leadership and strategic execution of his business policy. This saw a 93% increase in Goodrich Global’s retail revenue for 2007 in Singapore alone. In that year, Mr Chan was conferred the prestigious title of ‘Overall Winner – Entrepreneur of the Year 2007’.
The Goodrich brand is now the premium choice for lifestyle interior furnishings. Awards that it has amassed include the

In 2012, the esteemed Brand Finance, headquartered in the United Kingdom, evaluated the Goodrich brand at a worth of S$15.4 million. This valuation solidified the company’s standing as a global leader in independent brand assessment. The company has been accredited with the “Singapore Quality Class” certification and the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certification.

Today, Goodrich Global Pte Ltd reigns supreme as the primary force in the domain of wallcoverings, fabrics, carpets, and diverse flooring solutions such as laminate, vinyl, engineered timber, outdoor decking, and rubber tiles (both indoor and outdoor). Its footprint extends across South East Asia, India, and the Middle East, supported by a workforce exceeding 500 individuals deployed through more than 30 regional offices spanning 11 countries. Furthermore, it maintains distributor representative offices in Myanmar, Laos, and the Philippines.


At Goodrich Global, every member of our workforce is seen as a prospective leader, and their journey toward advancement is rooted in their merits. Our management ensemble epitomizes responsible and agile leadership, underscored by a forward-thinking and strategic approach. The training provided to Goodrich personnel is designed to leverage their skills and expertise, thereby influencing the company’s operational landscape. This approach fosters a culture where ideas, innovations, and proactive measures flourish, eliminating the necessity for continuous oversight.


The integration with Sangetsu Corporation marks a pivotal juncture for Goodrich Global, fortifying its capacity for sustained expansion.

Sangetsu Corporation commands approximately half of the Japanese wallpaper market and boasts total assets amounting to JPY 163,717 million. In 2016, the company’s acquisition of Koroseal, a U.S. wall decoration materials manufacturer, bolstered its framework for Asian operations and propelled its overseas sales efforts. With a heritage dating back to 1849 as a prominent wallcovering authority in Nagoya, Japan, Sangetsu Corporation now wholly owns Goodrich Global. Similar to Goodrich Global, Sangetsu Corporation operates within the interior products domain, encompassing nine showrooms and 34 sales offices across Japan. The enterprise specializes in the creation and distribution of interior decor items across Asia and worldwide, spanning a product spectrum inclusive of wallcoverings, flooring materials, curtains, and upholstery.

By harnessing the synergies among Goodrich Global in Asia, Koroseal in North America, and Sangetsu Corporation in Japan, an amplified sales network in Southeast Asia is poised to materialize, ultimately elevating the collective corporate value of the entire group.

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