Commemorating 40 Remarkable Years

Progressing into a New Epoch

“The future for Goodrich is vibrant and exciting. Together let us chart the path for the next 10 years, elevating spaces with imagination.”

Mr Yasushi Furukawa
Group Chief Executive Officer | Goodrich Global

Goodrich Global’s 40-year journey signifies an impressive era of accomplishment. This anniversary propels the company to further solidify its presence in Southeast Asia, deploying astute business maneuvers more swiftly and effectively. With a reinforced management framework and business foundation, Goodrich Global is poised for accelerated growth, aspiring for an expanded market reach in the region.

Our revamped galleries in Singapore and Thailand, inaugurated in 2021 and 2022, have revolutionized the interior design landscape. Attracting industry-leading professionals, architects, property magnates, hoteliers, and builders, these revitalized spaces reflect Goodrich Global’s dedication to offering a comprehensive product experience with people at its core.

From its inception in 1983, the brand has promoted exploration and self-discovery. The global repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic shifted market dynamics everywhere. For Goodrich Global, employee wellbeing took precedence. Throughout this period, the company amplified its digital footprint, launching product webinars and integrating digital solutions. By harnessing digital technologies, remote work became feasible, ensuring a seamless customer journey.

The future sees the company refining its operational efficiency, integrating manufacturing with sales. Adopting a proactive approach, Goodrich Global is overhauling its product development, logistics, and sales approaches. This transformation from a conventional furnishing provider to a “Space Creation Company” resonates with the long-term vision, propelling growth for the upcoming generations.

As a “Space Creation Company”, Goodrich Global envisions a business that not only garners stakeholder appreciation but also serves society by transforming spaces with artistic insight. This dynamic philosophy offers value, educates customers about products, and fosters idea-sharing for immersive spaces. Behind this enriched customer interface, project teams collaborate, fostering economic progress, mentoring the youth, investing in emerging talent, promoting inclusivity, and nurturing community spirit.

Defined by Goodrich Global, a “Space Creation Company” furnishes a complete suite of services – from design to execution – achieved through intentional visualization. This approach, coupled with innovative designs, adds value to both the design fraternity and the end-users. By realizing its “Space Creation Company” potential, Goodrich Global aims for a commanding presence in the industry’s value chain. Alongside economic growth, the company prioritizes creating societal impact to amplify its corporate identity.

Aligned with a vision of fostering an inclusive, sustainable, and innovative society, Goodrich Global, as a “Space Creation Company”, captivates audiences with groundbreaking design solutions. Such innovative ventures underscore the company’s commitment to enriching local communities, exemplifying the core essence of being a “Space Creation Company”.

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