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Insight into Sangetsu

Up until December 31, 2019, Sangetsu Corporation holds complete ownership of Goodrich Global Holdings Pte Ltd.

Both entities hold formidable standing within their respective nations’ domains, being significant players in the fields of wallcoverings, flooring materials, and fabric industries. Goodrich Global stands as a distinguished and esteemed market front-runner, excelling in furnishing interior and architectural solutions through its array of wallcoverings, flooring materials, and fabrics across Asia.Similarly, Sangetsu Corporation commands a leading position within the Japanese industry, with its pursuits extending beyond borders through strategic acquisitions, manifesting rapid global expansion.

The collaboration between Sangetsu Corporation and Goodrich Global Holdings spans over two decades, showcasing a history of stability and potential for a lasting partnership. For Sangetsu Corporation, this acquisition presents an exceptional avenue to further its worldwide business endeavors and solidify its foothold within the distribution network across Asia.

Overview of Sangetsu Corporation

Sangetsu Corporation (Sangetsu) traces its origins back to Japan’s Edo Era around 1849, a period when the Shogunate government was in existence. Initially, it focused on the installation of traditional Japanese interior products like paper sliding doors for Nagoya Castle. Swiftly, Sangetsu broadened its horizons, encompassing the wholesale and distribution of materials essential for these installations.

In 1953, the Hibi Family’s four siblings transformed Sangetsu from a family-owned enterprise into a publicly traded company. This transition led to Sangetsu’s listing on the Japanese stock exchange in 1980, propelling it to become Japan’s largest interior product company. Sangetsu’s portfolio spans an array of interior products, ranging from wallcoverings and flooring materials to fabrics and window films. Even after going public, the Hibi Family continued to steer the company’s management until 2014, when the last Hibi brother relinquished his day-to-day role. Shosuke Yasuda then assumed the position of CEO.

One of Sangetsu’s pivotal endeavors revolves around entering and cultivating markets beyond Japan. Yet, the interior product domain often thrives on localized dynamics. Sales and marketing strategies intricately intertwine with each market’s unique history and experiences. Consequently, Sangetsu Corporation has sought the ideal partners in appealing markets that align with this philosophy and strategy.

In line with this approach, Sangetsu recently acquired Koroseal Interior Products, bolstering its presence in North America. Koroseal commands a substantial 20-25% share of the contract wallcoverings market in the USA, while its subsidiary, Metro, captures an impressive 65% share in Canada.

Sangetsu Corporation, in conjunction with its subsidiaries, designs and markets interior decorating products both within China and internationally. Showrooms are established across various Japanese cities, including Shinagawa, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, Sendai, Kanazawa, Okayama, Hiroshima, and Okinawa, facilitating its widespread reach and influence.

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