16 MARCH 2023

Advancing into a Fresh Epoch


“The future for Goodrich is vibrant and exciting. Together let us chart the path for the next 10 years, elevating spaces with imagination.” Yasushi Furukawa, Group CEO, Goodrich Global.

Reaching its 40th year, Goodrich Global celebrates a monumental achievement. This pivotal moment enables the firm to fortify its presence in Southeast Asia, deploying shrewd business tactics swiftly and adeptly. Goodrich Global is positioned to capitalize on a strengthened management and infrastructural framework to spur swift expansion, with aspirations of broadening its market dominance in the region.

Our refurbished showrooms in Singapore and Thailand herald a transformative approach to the world of interior design. Since their unveiling in 2021 and 2022, these rejuvenated spaces have become a magnet for elite professionals, real estate magnates, hoteliers, and builders. These updated galleries reflect Goodrich Global’s commitment to holistic product immersion, keeping both product and people at its core.

Championing exploration and self-realization have been intrinsic to the brand’s ethos since 1983. As the world grappled with the upheavals from the COVID-19 pandemic, Goodrich Global’s primary focus remained the wellbeing of its staff. In these challenging times, the firm amplified its digital outreach with product seminars and streamlined digital workflows. Harnessing technology enabled the company to facilitate remote operations and maintain a seamless client interface.

Peering ahead, Goodrich Global is fervently streamlining its operations by integrating manufacturing with sales. Embracing a bold approach, the company is revamping its product portfolio, logistics, and sales frameworks. This robust strategy seeks to pivot from being a conventional interior furnishings provider to a visionary “Space Creation Company,” echoing Goodrich Global’s long-term ambition. This ongoing evolution is anticipated to galvanize growth for future cohorts.

As a “Space Creation Company,” Goodrich Global aspires to be an organization cherished by stakeholders, devoted to reshaping environments with artistic prowess. This dynamic model enriches spaces, enlightens clients about products, and fosters collaborative ideation for immersive spaces. Behind this enriched client engagement, dedicated project teams collaborate to foster economic growth, nurture emerging talent, champion inclusivity, and cultivate community engagement.

Defined by Goodrich Global, a “Space Creation Company” offers a comprehensive suite of services from conceptualization to realization. As Goodrich Global thrives, it synthesizes varied business facets related to space with imaginative designs, adding immense value to both the design fraternity and the end-users. Actualizing its potential as a “Space Creation Company” empowers Goodrich Global to take a decisive role in the industry. Beyond economic gains, Goodrich Global diligently crafts societal impact, amplifying its brand aura.

Aligned with a vision of a cohesive, sustainable, and inventive society, Goodrich Global, as a “Space Creation Company”, captivates audiences with groundbreaking designs. This showcases the brand’s commitment to enhancing local communities through its distinctive approach.

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