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Goodrich Global, the umbrella organization encompassing Sangetsu Goodrich, wields a commanding presence within the global arena of interior furnishing products and services. The preceding entity, Goodrich Global Thailand, which emerged in 2004, has now evolved into Sangetsu Goodrich Thailand. Guided by a strategic blueprint, both Sangetsu Goodrich Thailand and Sangetsu Goodrich Vietnam have solidified their positions as frontrunners within the realm of interior furnishing, particularly across four pivotal product categories: wallcoverings, fabrics, carpets, and floorings. Their concerted efforts cater to a diverse spectrum of customers encompassing both B2B and B2C sectors across Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar.


Stepping into the limelight, Sangetsu Goodrich Thailand bestows the impeccable finishing flourish upon every interior canvas. The company has gained remarkable traction in adorning projects spanning across commercial, hospitality, healthcare, and education sectors. With a steadfast commitment to fulfilling diverse customer aspirations, the recently inaugurated Sangetsu Goodrich Gallery beckons visitors daily on Sukhumvit 63 Road (Ekamai). Having undergone meticulous renovations, the gallery proudly reopened its doors in 2022, now poised to seamlessly address a spectrum of interior furnishing needs. Within its walls, an exquisite array of over 200 wallcovering displays harmoniously coexists with curtain fabrics, sumptuous leather upholstery, carpets, as well as laminates and vinyl flooring. The gallery, envisioned as a comprehensive destination, strives to be a singular hub for interior designers, architects, and homeowners, catering to their decorating requisites while providing an immersive experience. Through direct interactions with the Sangetsu Goodrich team, visitors are invited to explore products and engage with their applications, fostering an enriched understanding of possibilities.


Within the realm of the Sangetsu Goodrich Gallery, a meticulously orchestrated approach to interior design takes center stage. Here, a comprehensive and diverse array of over 5,000 SKUs of interior finishes – encompassing premium wallcoverings, fabrics, carpets, and floorings – unfurls within a well-appointed expanse spanning 240 square meters. The revamped, sleek, and contemporary ambiance provides an expansive canvas that facilitates a seamless and gratifying journey for customers immersed in the process of spatial design.

Encompassing both breadth and depth, the product range is thoughtfully curated to streamline and elevate the design process. This endeavor is seamlessly interwoven with the ethos of the company, fostering a space that catalyzes creativity, enabling individual expressions to flourish within the novel gallery setting. Anchored in this philosophy, the gallery’s layout is optimized to promote co-working dynamics, accentuating the essence of a collective environment while heightening the experiential facet of the products on display.

A layout meticulously structured to accommodate design discussions and learning sessions adds an extra layer of customer-centricity. Upon entering, clients are greeted by a panorama of core product offerings, from handcrafted wallcoverings to fabrics fit for curtains and upholstery, sumptuous carpets, and versatile floorings.

The wallcovering zone is strategically adorned with isolated tables, affording customers the opportunity to delve into sample books and scrutinize wall designs with an intimate proximity. Large panels exhibit wallcovering samples, facilitating creative visualization – a crucial component of the interior design process. Moreover, a dedicated space is allocated for clients to customize wall designs, seamlessly integrating personal preferences.

In the flooring and carpet sections, ingeniously designed niches and drawers illuminate individual flooring samples under optimal lighting conditions. This design approach allows for a nuanced appreciation of diverse color palettes, patterns, and textures. Just as in the preceding sections, the available samples of wallcoverings, fabrics, carpets, and floorings are open for clients to acquire upon request.

From every angle, the Sangetsu Goodrich Gallery emerges as a dynamic hub that transcends its former self. It stands as a reimagined, all-encompassing destination, meticulously tailored to amplify customers’ unique creative expressions. A profound emphasis on bespoke and handcrafted wallpapers, fabrics, leathers, broadloom carpets, carpet tiles, and vinyl flooring underscores the gallery’s impressive array of offerings, cementing its status as a premier design resource.



Within the gallery’s embrace, a treasure trove awaits architects, interior designers, and homeowners alike – an assembly that proudly stakes its claim as Bangkok’s most extensive wallcovering selection. Tailored to harmonize seamlessly with hospitality, commercial, and residential realms, this comprehensive assortment caters to a diverse spectrum of spaces. One of the standout features of this collection lies in its bespoke customization option. This singular facet empowers customers to shape their living spaces with a distinct touch, as they engage in a symphony of finishes encompassing digital printing, embossing, and intricate embroidery. As a beacon of creativity, a tangible embodiment of this option graces the wallcovering zone – an alluring model that epitomizes a statement wall. Melding the realms of digital printing, artistic embossing, and masterful embroidery, this creation offers a glimpse into the craftsmanship that underscores bespoke wallcoverings. Clients are now bestowed with the unique privilege to tangibly experience and appreciate the artistry woven into these tailored creations, igniting the prospect of bringing akin designs into their personal abodes. The very same technological prowess and meticulous craftsmanship find application in the customization of draperies, extending this essence of individuality to yet another realm of interior aesthetics.


Within this dedicated space, a diverse spectrum of curtain fabrics, upholstery textiles, faux leathers, and genuine cow hides converge, offering customers an immersive encounter with each unique texture. This curated selection serves as a dynamic resource for customers seeking to harmonize textures with their curtains, cushion covers, sofas, bar stools, and armchairs, enriching their interiors with tactile charm and aesthetic finesse.


Anticipate an expanded presentation of wallcoverings, fabrics, carpets, and floorings, all united under the Sangetsu banner. This comprehensive offering presents clients with a realm of creative avenues to realize the coveted Japandi aesthetic. Furthermore, the repertoire now includes the exclusive “The Art of TAKUMI” collection – a curated compilation of artisanal wallcoverings spanning 7 distinct categories: Exquisite Foils, Artist Brush, Opulent Corks, Precious Metal, Refined Grasscloths, Intricate Weaves, and Elegant Woods. This assemblage speaks to the harmonious fusion of craftsmanship and opulence.

Among these offerings stands the KAGETOHIKARI designer interior collection, a product of collaboration with Kuma Kengo, a revered Japanese architect. Underpinning this collection is the interplay of shadow and light – the allure of shadows is harnessed to sculpt this assortment. Within KAGETOHIKARI, three distinct categories come to life: Shara Shara, Mowa Mowa, and Tubu Tubu. Collectively, these categories encompass a total of 7 patterns and 24 items for wallpapers, along with 3 patterns and 21 items for carpets. This collection not only embodies artistic depth but also ushers in a novel approach to infusing spaces with captivating narratives through design.


Among the highlights, discover an array of specialized vinyl finishes including Reteac, Glass film, Walltalkers, and Wall Protection. These premium offerings align seamlessly with the requisites of adorning spaces like conference rooms, meeting areas, showrooms, as well as institutional and public settings. This curated selection addresses the fundamental necessities of these spaces, accentuating functionality and aesthetics with a touch of innovation.


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