Elevate Your Home Aesthetics: The Power of Mood Boards

Mood Boards Unleashed: A Guide to Interior Planning

Considering a Home Interior Change?

Setting Up Your New Home or Office?

The Art of Mood Boarding

Dive into the world of mood boards and revolutionize your home or office interiors. From color selection to texture layering, find your unique style with ease. Designing your space is no longer overwhelming with insights from Harlequin’s Lead Designer, Claire Greenfield, and Senior Interior Stylist, Liberty Blackwell.

Unearth Your Design Essence

Start your project with something special, advises Claire Greenfield. Identify cherished items and let them inspire your design. Whether it’s a vase or artwork, extract motifs or elements for your mood board. Your favorite color becomes the anchor, influencing your entire home design.

Sample Extravaganza for a Unified Scheme

Source online samples from your inspiration object. Explore papers, fabrics, embroidery, and weaves. Texture variety brings cohesion, guided by core colors. As Claire Greenfield suggests, experiment with endless permutations until your scheme refines.

Discover Your Interior Identity

Quickly identify your interior style with a 2-Minute quiz. Perfect for homeowners, interior designers, or architects, this quiz jumpstarts your mood boarding journey.

Crafting a Robust Foundation

Liberty Blackwell recommends starting with a mood board featuring loved wallpaper or fabric. Create a color palette from the design, adding bold accents through plain fabrics or paints.

Harmonizing Colors and Patterns

Claire Greenfield advises selecting wrapping colors, base colors, and accent colors from your design anchor. Design is about distilling the colors and patterns you love, creating a harmonious story flowing from room to room.

Savor Your Design Odyssey

Embark on the transformative journey of designing your living or working space. Mood boarding, as endorsed by Harlequin’s experts, is an invaluable tool. Identify uniqueness, explore samples, understand your interior identity, and establish a robust foundation. By adopting these expert tips, create a space that seamlessly reflects your style.

For an in-depth dive, credit goes to Harlequin: Elevate Your Home Aesthetics with the Power of Mood Boards.


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